Poppy Wilson St James

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Real Gummy Teeth

Sugar has been portrayed in recent years as the root of all current health problems and crises. There are different studies and arguments about whether sugar plays a part in causing obesity, heart disease and other conditions, however it is universally accepted that sugar causes tooth decay. Consumption of sugars, of all kinds including those in dried fruit and honey, leads to acid attacking the enamel on our teeth causing decay and cavities. So why are perfectly straight, white, pristine teeth shaped sweets sold in sweet shops everywhere? I have created ‘real’ gummy teeth, cast in silicone to mimic gummy sweets from two real mouths, to demonstrate the one definite result of over consumption of sugar- decay and tooth loss. >>>

Real Gummy Teeth in a Sweetie Jar

Using the 'gummy' teeth to discuss the effects of sugar on our teeth with two primary school children.


1. Original mouth casts 2. Teeth Masters 3. First Mould Tests


4. Material test cast 5. Pigment Test 6. Final 'Teeth'


7. Moulds

'Real' Gummy Teeth

Silicone, Glass Sweet Shop Jar